Caio and Candy

Caio and Candy

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Caio Terra likes sweets. Did you see his Halloween post to Facebook? There’s  also a youtube video that I thought was a spoof where they pick Caio up from the airport and give him a shopping bag full of candy. After his 30 second win over Fabio Passos at the 2012 No-Gi Worlds BJJ Legends needed to find more about this candy addicted fiend!


From Facebook:

Caio Terra BJJ · October 31 at 7:50pm ·
  Halloween really scares me. I first thought that today was not a good Holliday but a really bad one to me. As I am dieting for No-Gi Worlds this weekend, this is the biggest torture it could happen to someone candy-addicted like me.
  I trained really hard today. 3 practices in a total of with 3 and a half hours of Jiu-Jitsu and physical Conditioning with my VersaClimber. I saw my weight very close to 121 lbs.
  Unfortunately giving out candies without eating any was really hard for me. But I kept my mind concentrated on my goal for this weekend: After Halloween candies are much cheaper so I am shopping for candies in the next 3 days =)
  Whatever amount of candies you may be collecting right now, I will be eating the double on Sunday, I can bet that!!!!! hahaha OSS!!!!
  By the way, if you are attending No-Gi Worlds and have some Candies left that you are not planning on eating, please give it to me and I will make a good use of it. PLEASE!!! LOL

BJJ Legends: You made weight despite your “Candy Addiction.” 121 is really light. What weighcosme damiao5t do you walk around at?

Caio Terra: The weight is 122,5. I weighed at 120,5 lbs. My maximum weight is 133 – 134 lbs (if not training at all) and 131 lbs training. When I train very hard I can drop another 3 to 4 lbs without dieting.

BJJL: How did you lose those pounds? Diet? Exercise? Cutting? If you lost by dieting, do you count calories? How many calories do you eat when you are both training and trying to lose?

CT: I had to diet for 20 days, nothing crazy but dieting is never good, specially around Halloween time! I also had a big help of Itallo Vilardo, one of the best conditioning coaches for martial arts of nowadays. I counted 1200 to 1250 calories in the last 6 days. Before that I was just eating clean. I also did a lot of work in the Versa Climber, which became my nightmare for a few nights but like anything you do, once you get used to it makes it much easier.

BJJL: You going to stay at this weight / weight class?

CT: I am not making plans to fight in any specific categories. My only real plans is to keep my physical conditioning going with Itallo and Versa Climber, I want to show the best of me next year and since I feel most of my opponents physically more prepared than myself, I’m gonna give them a taste of what’s it like to fight me in shape.

BJJL: So if you had to pick are you fruity candy like skittles or chocolate candy like Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate?

CT: I like to be diverse and mix candies as much as possible. I like sweet things though, I can eat dark chocolate but rather sweet. I’m on yogurt now since its healthier… I put a lot of Mochi, graham crackers and cheesecakes bites on it! Still better than skittles!

BJJL: Do they have Halloween in Brazil? If not what is the big holiday when the kids get lots of candy.

CT: On my time there was no candy on Halloween but there is a date for that too. It’s called “Cosme Damiao”.

BJJL: Finally, what happened with the absolute?

CT: I got a few minutes late and the computer had locked me out of the brackets. I was very ready to surprise some people on it but will have to leave that for next year. Most important is that I won my 5th black belt tittle in a row.

Congratulations to Caio and the Gracie Elite Team for his decisive win on Sunday and for his 5th black belt title.

Facebook Fan page:

cosme e damiao

*The Saints Cosmas and Damian, are twins and died in about 300 AD. It is believed they were doctors and practiced medicine without charging for it. In Brazil they are considered the patron saints of Pharmacists and Physicians. The holiday is either on September 26 or 27th.

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