Metamoris: Tickets Available

Metamoris: Tickets Available

14 of the world’s BEST Jiu-Jitsu practitioners will face off in seven exciting 20 minute matches. No points, no advantages, victory by submission only!

October 14th 2012. Be sure to join us via LIVE STREAMING great coverage through 8 camera angles, instant replays and exclusive video intros for each match. All for only $19.95

Tickets are still available! Go To to buy yours.

More info at

But what happened to the match JJ Machado vs. Nelson Monteiro?


Via the Metamoris Facebook page Nelson Monteiro was in a car accident and has pulled out of the match against Jean Jacques Machado. Kevin Casey was replaced by Xande Ribeiro.

On the Metamoris website you can vote for your pick to win.


I’m with the crowd in 6 of the 7 matches. I’ve given it to Otavia Sousa in the Sousa vs Kron fight. Crazy?


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