Product Review: GI Soap

Product Review: GI Soap

A Jiu-Jitsu Practicioner’s Best Friend 

Spending an abundance amount of time practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu comes with its share of many hurdles throughout the journey. One of the biggest opponents athletes must contend with is a faction of skin diseases consisting of Staph, Ring Worm, and Impetigo that are sure to cause serious damage to those that come in contact with it.

Aspiring to provide a strong defense to this dilemma is the Athletic Natural Care product known as “GI Soap”.  Taking his tragic experience of dealing with the issue creator Marcel Oliveira envisioned a product for helping out the grappling community.

“All products are made in small quantities so that we are sure that you will get the highest quality product without having to reach too deep into your pockets,“ Oliveira said. “We want to give back to the community and help out where we can, as well as helping our athletes progress.”

The products come in the form of a 5oz Soap Bar and 8 oz Body Wash all created with mixing ingredients of  tea trea oils, Olive oils, Coconuts oils and other elements to form an all-natural product capable keeping one healthy and most importantly staying in consistent action on the mat.


GI Soap has a standard and basic format for buyers using it products. The simple cleaning process requires one to use the soap during a daily shower after each training practice. It very important  to apply the soap on your body  leave it on your skin for 60 seconds then rinse off with warm water for the best results. Using this product myself not only does it answer its statement of keeping you clean but it also provide a pleasant scent thanks to the ingredients mixed in the soap unlike other various chemically implanted soaps sold by other competitors.

With just its three months of service with the jiu-jitsu community, Gi Soap has already gained the great support of many people from regular athletes such as myself to the World Class competitors of today. Prized competitors such as UFC veteran Phillpe Nover  are strong supporters of the merchandise which backs up their claim as the best grappling soap product on the market.

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