Ryan Hall’s Fight in a Restaurant

Hall Uses Jiu-Jitsu to Subdue Person Threatening Him

A video is making the rounds on Youtube and Facebook regarding an incident with Brazilian Jiu-Jijtsu Black Belt, Ryan Hall, and an aggrevated man threatening him repeatedly at a restarant in New Jersey after a Grappler’s Quest tournament. Hall is slight by comparison to the man, and the aggresor’s freind even interjects. It’s an interesting scenario as the man appears to be under the influence and looking for a fight.


Hall does let the man have his say about anything and everything while his friend tries to subdue his anger. When a brief set of exchanges occur as the man is in Hall’s face, within inches, Hall acts accordingly by driving him to the ground with a double leg takedown. Then mounting him which puts the agressor now in a very controllable state. Later, Hall has to act again and subdue the man putting him to sleep as the police arrive out in the street.

This scenario does raise serious questions regarding the use of force, practicality of jiu-jitsu as a sport vs self-defense, the responsibilites of black belts – people of knowledge and how law enforcement/the law recognize the use of this force.  Ryan Hall, did the most appropriate level of action.  It was imperitive he acted due to the threatening nature of the agressor, his posture, and distance. Given his previous actions it would have been irresponsible not to act and he used the appropriate amount of force to subdue the man.


[social][/social]Many arts teach a spiritual and ethical side to the martial technique as a check and balance to the technique that is taught.  Often the teachings are hand in hand with the technique to force responsible judgement and restraint or avoidance.  Jiu-Jitsu leaves this to the instructors teaching the sport and to the people on the mat. No doubt Hall has thought long and hard about how and when to use his technique, as all practicioners should.

Our friends at the FightWorksPodcast.com, had an interview with Ryan Hall regarding the incident. You can download and read more about the incident here at the site.


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