Zé Radiola in Huntington Beach California

Zé Radiola of Graice Barra PE (Recife Pernambuco) was in Huntington Beach California Tuesday night giving a seminar at Ricardo Testai’s school, Gracie Barra Huntington Beach. I went to the seminar because Zé is the famous coach of Braulio Estima, who we interviewed for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Magazine, Victor Estima, Otavio Sousa an Lucas Rocha. I stayed for the second seminar because he is so infectious. View Pictures AND VIDEO TECHNIQUE!->


[social][/social]He smiles the whole time. He shows wicked crazy techniques right alongside a simple self-defense technique. He’s catty and fun and really enjoys demonstrating then quick looking up to catch your mouth agape. He’s patient and goes over and over the technique until you’ve got it. He asks repeatedly for questions, says questions get his mind revving. He’s not too big a star to get down on the floor and do the move with you. You’ll need to bring a little patience too because he instructs solely in Portuguese.


Google him; you’ll find glowing reviews. I can testify it’s true. Next step will be to visit his academy in Recife. Someday.

Contact him via -> http://www.graciebarrape.com.br

Pictures are from 2/20/2012 at Gracie Barra Huntington Beach
Special Thank you to Ricardo and Luisa Testai

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  1. thiago

    saudade de da um rola no tatame da gracie barra em piedade.grande abraço zé.

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