Ralek Gracie breaks out: GINAGI

Ralek Drops “GINAGI”

MMA fighter Ralek Gracie, from the legendary Gracie family, is stepping out of the ring and into recording studio. Ralek has been producing music for over 10 years but is just now dropping his debut album “Ginagi.” The entire album is written and produced by the black belt.  American-born Ralek, will continue to compete in the MMA and nurture both his jiu-jitsu and music.

Ralek is the son of Rorion Gracie and nephew to Royce Gracie and Rickson Gracie.

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[social][/social]Ralek jumped into MMA at the young age of 21, at K-1 Hero’s on July 16, 2007 against Katsuyori Shibata.  Ralek pulled an armbar in the first round in just over 3 minutes to beat Shibata.   In May, 2010, Ralek defeated Kazushi Sakuraba by unanimous decision at Dream 14.

Currently he teaches at the Gracie Academy headquarters in Torrance, California. Ralek is one of nine brothers and sisters. Renon, Roran, Reylan, Rener, Rose, Riane, Segina, Ricon and Ryron Gracie.

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