Gi Review: X-Guard Gis

[social][/social] X-Guard, X-GUARD PERFORMANCE WEAR, sent us a gi to try out. Thank you X-guard!

First off, its pretty. I get lots of comments when I wear it. I received the white Xena gi piped with pink. It came embroidered with my name, very nice touch. The 3-color ribbon lining is blue, yellow and maroon. It has X patches on the shoulders, an X-Guard patch on the lower left skirt and the Xena patch on the lower right skirt. All patches are double sewn.

The fabric is 550 gsm (grams square meter), Pearl Weave, 100% cotton. 550 gsm is roughly 16 oz/yd2. Its heavy. I’ve trained in it, washed it (hot/cold setting) and dried it (medium setting) at least 15 times with no ill effects. The back and shoulders are one piece of fabric so you’re never grinding on a seam. There is a reinforcing patch on in the armpits and at the side slits. The hems are quadruple stitched. The collar is big and 6x stitched.

The pants are cut generously. They are triple stitched and reinforced. They have lots of belt loops. They have a cord type belt. They have a big knee patch with contrast color stitching.

Another bonus is customer service. They hit me back every time on Facebook hours after I posted my questions.

If you want more info email me or check out and look for X-Guard clothing and X-Guard Brand on Facebook.

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