Granny gets 7th Dan in Jiu-Jitsu

Getting your Black Belt is no small endeavor, however – getting it and keeping it and continuing to move through the ranks is incredible or is it. According to Spirit Combat International and the UK paper The Sun this Grandma has received her 7th Dan in their system of Jiu-jitsu. There’s a VIDEO – check it out.

Spirit Combat is a form of self-defence based on ju-jitsu and incorporates other fighting styles such as boxing, judo and karate. “I love teaching it and I certainly have no plans to give it up. I don’t see why I should put my feet up.”, Ena says.

The widowed mother of two teaches weekly classes and twice a day she turns out to help kiddies cross the road outside the village school in South Walsham, Norfolk. Ena has been quoted saying the following about her BJJ skills: “I might be getting on – but I still get stuck in.”

Regardless of her lineage to keep it up at age 77 is a real tribute to her effort and energy.

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