Gracies Go for the O…. Oprah

[h1]Could the Gracie’s Move to TV?[/h1]

Oprah is creating her own channel, about time you say, and she’s or rather the channel is holding a view vote for best reality show idea.  This idea comes from Rener Gracie and addresses an issue that has been growing lately in publicity, not in occurance – Bullying.  Bullies have been around for ages – Mcfly – and will continue to be around and tournment, wedgies, dumpster plunge and push our heads into toilets.  What will save us, yes Jiu-Jitsu, and it’s true.  Those of us who know, that martial arts, bjj and grappling are an excellent form of self defense when taught correctly and studied with good intent.

So how does Oprah and the Gracie’s get together.. Bullyproof is an idea posted by Rener Gracie where they take kids in bully – type situations and “Bullyproof” them with, yes, Gracie training in Calofornia.

Sounds interesting, and could be just the thing… you there – with your underwear up over your head… need..

vote now for your favorite show for the O – Channel.

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