New Florida Based BJJ  Team – Brotherhood BJJ wins Big

New Florida Based BJJ Team – Brotherhood BJJ wins Big

Early this year, an alliance of Floriday teams was created forming BROTHERHOOD BJJ, a team competition consisting of an alliance between: Fabio Novaes (Marcelo Saporito), Moacir “Boca” Oliveira (De La Riva) Pablo Popovitch (Team Popovitch), Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu ( New Generation), Giulio Timoteo (De La Riva) and Guilherme Maia (De La Riva).

“The goal of this union was to form a strong team of competition, made up of legitimate black belts. We are a team of friends who trained together along for brasaofinalmany years here in America and one day we had this idea to come together and create the BROTHERHOOD BJJ, and a strong team capable of beating any team in the world of Jiu-Jitsu, Submission and MMA.”


BJJ Benefits

grapquestOur athletes have the right to physical therapy, PhysioTraining™, chiropractor, massage therapist, medical treatment, everything with up to 50% off and free for Black Belts athletes who stand out and compete, among several other benefits that are offered by BROTHERHOOD BJJ, as example we will paid for tournaments subscriptions,  nutrition and supplementation etc.”, Says Giulio Timoteo one of the team leaders.


How do you get in?  Well the requirements to be part of Brotherhood BJJ: “To be legitimate and recognized by the International Brazilian Federation of Jiu-jitsu and more important to be voted in”. The six leaders must approve the belt to be part of BROTHERHOOD BJJ, with a single small detail: “one vote against and you do not enter “said Moacir” Boca “Oliveira.


Early Wins for the Brotherhood

Do they Walk the Walk?  Apparently so, for being in the tournament circuit for a short time, it’s a credit to their experience DSC008081and training to what they have accomplished…


JULY: Overall Trophy for the 2009 Florida State championshipof

AUGUST: Overall Trophy for second place teams in the Grapplers Quest and

– Second place overall  title in the MIAMI INTERNATIONAL BJJ

– Second overall title in NAGA, conquering the title of best team in the gi,


“Not bad for a newly formed team,” said Fabio Novaes!

In BaCHAMPIONSrcelona at the ADCC, BJJ BROTHERHOOD placed two athletes in 1st place: Pablo Popovitch and second place Roberto “CyborgAbreu.


Brotherhood BJJ is off to a good start, but we have seen many teams and alliances come and go.  They have the makings to stand the test of time and we will keep watching as they progress and probably keep winning.

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