P90X: Week 4 Day 5


I haven’t really read through any of the writing I have done concerning this journey until this week.  Once I did I realized that the only people that are probably still reading them are the ones that are either doing this workout or considering it.  If you are considering it and are somewhat athletic I would strongly recommend doing it.  It is a great test of physical and mental toughness.  There are so many times during the workout when I just want to stop with 5 or 6 seconds left in a set, but I know I am only hurting myself.  I am sucking it up and finishing strong through each set.  If I am burned out I will hold myself in position so that my muscles can continue to feel the strain.  I have dedicated myself and have actually been the inspiration of other fatties to start doing the workout.  Hearing that other people have noticed the difference and dedicated themselves to making the same decision I have has really given me another confidence boost.  This is week four and a well needed recovery week of mostly yoga, core synergistics, kenpo and stretching.  I can tell a huge difference in my flexability, stamina and appearance.  My face is thinner, I approach eating so much differently and I push myself so much harder than when I started.  The program isn’t for the weak, it is the for the strong, not nessacarily the strongest physically, but mentally to be able to put the DVD in every day and make it through your workout.  Doing your best sounds so cliché, but really that is all it takes and the results follow so shortly behind.  I am through the first 1/3 and REALLY for the first time I know I will be able to finish what I have started.


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