P90X Josh days 7-8

Day 7:

Well I let my body heal over the weekend is kind of a euphemism for I didn’t feel like working out.  I did fairly well on my portion control, but Saturday was the fantasy football draft at the house so I did eat 3 pieces of pizza and a few chips and dips.  Sunday night I indulged in buffalo wings, but they weren’t fried and were well worth the guilt I felt afterward.

Monday has started the grind all over.  A cup of cereal and low fat milk for breatfast and 6 oz of chicken with a hand full of salad greens for lunch.

Eating well must be infectious because now my office is asking if they can join in on the diet.  This has me worried because I work with all women and have seen first hand what the transformation of a woman’s persona is when you cut the good tasting high fat content food out of her diet, and it’s not pretty.  I know this is good for their health in the long run, but selfishly I am more concerned with their emotional state in the short term. 

Tonight is back to arms and back with ab ripper x thrown in.  I feel good about this week’s prospects and think I will be able to go a little harder a little longer.

Day 8

What a difference a week makes.  My arms are a little sore, but nothing like last Tuesday.  Today is a good day.  I am happy with my commitment and happier with my discipline.  The menu is set for the rest of the week and I have turned down several invitations to go out throughout the week.  I feel like the P90X is a fat persons rehab.  If I keep pressing play the fat is going to melt away.  I bought the workout calendar from GNC to help track my progress, and picked up another supplement to use after my workout.  Here’s to another day on the workout wagon, but stay tuned more to come of this journey.


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