P90X Emily days 5-10

Days 5-7 (Fri – Sun) I caved. The diet has made me so tired/mean that I decided to still eat healthy but not by the the specs of the fat shredder. Friday I worked all day at the bar, but still ate well. Saturday was my Fantasy Draft and  I had the most delicious pizza and beer. I tubing, as in behind a boat, on Sunday, stopping at the Oasis and enjoying some naughty nachos. Josh, however, was a champ and only broke for pizza.

Day 8 (Monday) Since I was bad this weekend, today was really like day 1.2, Arms and Back. I went harder on the pulls ups, but the push ups are still brutal. Got further in ab ripper, but I still go out at about 5 minutes. Josh is a better drill sergeant. Eating MUCH better.
Day 9 (Tuesday) Plyometrics aka make you puke aerobics. Heeee it was so tough. I did throw up. I went hard. My legs felt like jello on the way to class the next morning that I took the shuttle around campus for the rest of the day. I cheated on food, had Taco Hell. How can I break up my love for bad food? Baby steps…
Day 10 (Wednesday) Glad it is Arms and Shoulders, because my legs are still quivering. We recruited our friend Amanda in this exercise. We all completed it and Ab ripper x. My first completion of this, and man do I hurt. Made a grilled chicken salad for dinner. I get five stars on diet today.  Hooray. This is much different than getting on an elliptical for 45 minutes 4 times a week. (Which I started 3 weeks prior.)
Josh is jealous of my progress my body is making.  Its obvious in my stomach.

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