P90X Training with Josh: Day 0


P90X Training with Josh: Day 0


BJJ Legends,

Do you know anyone that has tried this workout?

I have read that the nutrition part is a beast. 

How in the world does someone work in an office and eat right at lunch?  I love beer, pizza, red meat, white meat, bread, buffalo wings, beer and Mexican food.  This should be very fun.  Someone told me my new friend is going to be hunger.

Right now, I am eating donuts and drinking coffee, but I’ll get to it.

I am still craig’s listing the program.  I should be in possession of one by tomorrow night.  Go figure the guys that are selling them are too lazy to meet me.

–Josh  Day 0


Josh’s Stats:

Height: 5’8″
Weight: 238
Boating, Aviation, Beer Pong, Cooking, Softball and Taking long walks on the shore with my fiancé Emily.

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