Child-Safe Anti-Swine Flu Sanitizer

BJJ Legends Magazine is proud to present Athletic Body Care (;  It’s always great to have advertisers who are socially conscious, we picked up on this story by ABC and thought it was worth mentioning to all our readers and BJJ / MMA fans.  Adam – doing a great job!.

Athletic Body Care Operation ShooFlu™


Child-Safe Anti-Swine Flu Sanitizer


Offered Free To Schools


LOS ANGELES, CA– To help stem the spread of the swine flu amongst children, Athletic Body Care™ has launched Operation ShooFlu™, providing free-of-charge cases of its Foaming Hand Sanitizer to the first 50 schools that contact them, and discounted product to all other schools.



“In looking for swine flu prevention products, parents should be aware that alcohol-based skin sanitizers are not recommended to be used on children under six — they are flammable and strip off skin layers,” remarked Athletic Body Care CEO Adam Page.


Athletic Body Care’s Foaming Skin Sanitizer is safe and effective for children ages two and up. The clinical study showed it to kill the influenza virus type A2 germs more than 99% of the time.


“We created Operation ShooFlu to make Athletic Body Care’s alcohol-free sanitizer available to as many school children as possible, as most schools lack funds for taking adequate steps against the swine flu spread,” explained Page.


[span class=”attention”]According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the best way to prevent the spread of the swine flu is to wash hands frequently with soap and water.  When that is not possible, no-rinse hand sanitizers are the next best solution.[/span]


Athletic Body Care’s Foaming Skin Sanitizer advantages include:


– Alcohol-free, with active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride, the non-flamable, non-drying salt used in hospitals for 60 years


– Lasting germ-kill action of approximately one hour, versus 10 seconds for most skin sanitizers


– Helps prevent the skin from entrapping germs


– Foaming action makes it more fun for kids to use


Schools already taking part in Operation ShooFlu™ include The Pinecrest Schools, a group of 11 Los Angeles-area private schools serving approximately 6,000 students, which is distributing Athletic Body Care’s sanitizer to all its students and faculty.


Preschools, elementary, middle, and high schools are urged to email The first 50 will receive a free case of five full-size bottles (5 oz. each) of Foaming Skin Sanitizer, and all others will be offered significant discounts.  Shipping charges may apply.





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