Gracie Invitational 2009 5/2-3

Gracie Invitational 2009 5/2-3

Gracie Invitational 2009

 SENI Show, EXCEL ARENAGracie Invitational 2009
London, United Kingdom
Date: May 2-3, 2009

Event Schedule:
Competition starts at 9:30 am both days

The Gracie Invitational is Europes 2nd largest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
tournament, but has the largest live audience of any other Grappling
tournament in Europe.  There are up to 8 matted areas in the tournament
zone and with over 600 athletes set to take part plus the 25,000 plus
spectators that are expected at Seni09 show.

Competitor Information:
All competitors are asked to …

be at the venue way before 10am in order
to collect any outstanding tickets and to check your fight time at the
ExCel centre. Please bring a form of picture ID (driving license or
passport) for you to compete.

Coaches. parents, guardians, friends and family will have to purchase a
separate ticket before the event date, in order to enter the show.
Tickets on the day are £12.00 (per day) however you can purchase
tickets from the shop for £8.00 per day to avoid the very
large queues. Remember 25,000 people come to the show over the weekend.

Coaches, parents and guardians, please show some restraint when your
student/son/daughter are fighting. We are here to set an example to the
young in this world and swearing, violence or berating the officials
will only lead your student/son/daughter to be disqualified and for you
to be escorted from the venue. Please show some discretion.
No registration on the day!! Registration will be closed on the Wednesday before the event
If you miss it you will have to wait until next year!!!

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