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Video Advertisements in

Techniques and Interviews

A Better Way to Reach the Masses

BJJ Legends Magazine provides captivating and timeless video online and through the magazine’s DVD.

Online Video:

This video is distributed through several websites online for viewing and reference.

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • OrKut

and others…Here’s an example.


Also in Video Podcast for through

  • – available in the Podcat listing and managed throught the itunes software
  • Odeo

And others… This video is watched by BJJ Enthusiasts and practicioners is often virally sent across the web where we get thousands of views.

Our interviews and techniques are widely known and viewed for their grass roots approach and legitamacy.  We use only professional prominent BJJ Legneds in our inerviews and technique training.

This video is small for BJJ Practicioners to get aquainted with our footage, quality and approach.  The detail is shown on the DVD.

For this reason – advertising on the techniques in the DVD is prohibited.

DVD Advertising and Sponsorship:

The DVD has several opportunities for brands to align themselves with Jiu-Jitsu and their Legends.

– DVD inserts – paper inserts into the DVD packaging itself

– DVD on-screen advertising / Commercial – we can place a 60 second commercial on the DVD in the appropriate place for our customers to get more information about your brand

– Many other possibilities are available, contact us to find out more.




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