BJJ in the UK

BJJ in the UK

BJJ in the UK


Intro from the BJJ Legends Team:

BJJ in Lancashire, UK - BJJ Legends Magazine

BJJ in Lancashire, UK

Hi All, we’re developing a network of BJJ enthusiasts from around the world.  Spain, Poland, all parts of the US and now the UK. 


Perspective is everything in life, having your own and understanding other’s will help us all gain insight.  BJJ Legends Magazine is about spreading the BJJ enthusiasm and bringing content, video and techniques you might not get in other parts of the world. 

If you’re interested, contact us and contribute – you need not be too polished or a pro. 


BJJ in the UK:


First of all hello to all you BJJ and grappling guys and
gals from around the world.  BJJ and grappling arts have really

Sensei D.R.Whike - Lancashire, UK BJJ Legends Contributor

Sensei D.R.Whike – Lancashire, UK BJJ Legends Contributor

taken off over here in
the UK and I hope to bring you regular news about the events and groups over
the next few months.


Due to the usual deadlines I am going to do a short
article about our small group, who have all decided to have a go at the Jiu
Jitsu competition.


The group has been around the Lancashire area for about
the last 15 to 20 years, and has focused mainly on self defence arts such as
Jiu Jitsu, teaching in schools and colleges, and offering lessons to a broad
selection of the community, it was decided by a few members that we should be
looking at some form of competition. All that was available a few years ago was
Jiu Jitsu Kumite; although this was popular for a while it didn’t seem to take
off and never really came to the fore ground as a popular sport.


With the advent of the U.F.C and the Gracie family, for
want of a better expression dominating the arena, Jiu Jitsu in this country has
gone from strength to strength and the popularity keeps growing, we have
certainly noticed the rapid growth in popularity as our member base has nearly
doubled in the past few months.




We have started to contact various groups and we are just
about to join the Grappling Arts Association this body is officially recognised
by The International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation, ADCC Submission Fighting,
The Martial Arts Standards Agency of Great Britain and The European Fight


We are at this moment concentrating on building our
junior groups and we are working along side local agencies, schools and the
police to try to reduce the amount of young people hanging around on the
streets, this will hopefully reduce youth crime in the local area by offering
those people in certain areas who maybe cannot access certain activities
something to do. I have always thought any martial art or sport coaching is a
great way to bring down certain barriers and also help with government policies
on inclusion, hopefully our ideas will work and BJJ and traditional Jiu Jitsu
will continue to grow in our area.


We have a few sessions running at the moment and the
adult students are always ready to come down and help the kids, we have
recently had a few young ones with learning difficulties who have joined and
they really enjoy rolling with the other guys and we think it is great that
they can access and participate in what we do.



Sensei D.R.Whike



24 Seafield Road



United Kingdom




Tel: +44 (0) 1253 594350

Mob: +44 (0) 782 444 3 669



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Thanks Diff for the Article.  The rest of you contribute in english or your own language.  Try to provide translations if you can.  If you’re interested, contact us and contribute to the world of BJJ. 

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