Issue 1 BJJ Legends Magazine Coming Soon

Issue 1 BJJ Legends Magazine Coming Soon

We’re brewing up the new issue of  BJJ Legends magazine.

Royce Gracie at BJJ Legends Magazine
Full of Jiu-Jitsu goodness.BJJ Legends Magazine

Royce Gracie, Rigan Machado, Marcio Feitosa, Alvaro Romano, Kyra Gracie, Mauricio “Tinguinha” Mariano, Marcello Cavalcanti and Training  TIps.

80 pages, 25 Techniques, from 7 different professors. Black Belts.  

Plus, 3 hour DVD – Fights, all 25 techniques on video, and Interviews with these Legends never seen before. 

Stay tunded.  REGISTER to keep updated on the date of release.

Special Note:

Issue 2 – Interview and techniques with BJ PENN – Just shot on location in Hawaii



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