BRAUS Fight Sets Eyes for USA

BRAUS Fight Sets Eyes for USA

When you think of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brands, I would be sure that you could name at least 5 without a second thought. When I think brands I think of authenticity, compassion, connection, service, quality and innovation. BRAUS Fight has changed the game for the Australian BJJ community providing a service and product that is second to none, and now they want to show the USA what they can do. 

With a vision to support the growth of BJJ at the same time as providing for the community, in 2013 BRAUS Fight Australia was born. Founded by a couple of entrepreneurs with a shared passion for BJJ, charitable initiatives and authenticity the brand established itself around 6 core values which continue to remain the foundation for operating today. Authenticity, Compassion, Connection, Service, Quality and Innovation. The soul of BRAUS Fight lies within the first three, the enterprise is based on humanity and that element always comes first– the second three ensure the brand remains accountable to delivering above expectation in all that we do.

The logo, an Infinity symbol was designed to signify the limitless journey of life, people, connection, learning and BJJ – everything is connected and limits remain only in our minds. The Fight Never Ends continues this sentiment reminding us to never give up and forever keep striving and thriving both on the mats and beyond.

The brand is now well established within the Australian market, recognized for both its community initiatives including Rolling For A Reason, the charitable branch of the brand focused on providing for those less fortunate, as well as the high quality products. With an unchanging view to expand support the growth of BJJ whilst supporting the community, the brand recently decided to expand into the American market with a hope of continuing to positively impact a wider market. With exciting growth plans but staying true to the brands core value, we can’t wait to represent down under on the America’s stage! See you very soon US!

The Fight Never Ends

BRAUS founders have been martial artists for much of their lives. When they migrated to Australia to start new lives, many things changed for them – but their passion for martial arts remained the same. Like so many martial artists around the world, their dedication to BJJ is an unending pursuit – which is why BRAUS products embody the motto “The Fight never ends”.

BRAUS gis are more than just a uniform – they represent a way of life. Whether you want to compete at the BJJ World Championships or are just looking to train for fun, BRAUS will keep fighting for you.


Let’s get to the review.


100% Ultra-soft cotton for superior comfort

I will be reviewing the A3 Pro Light White Gi

I am 94 kgs and 184cm tall, or 202llbs and 6’1


Jacket Details

  • 100% Ultra-soft cotton for superior comfort
  • Ultra-lightweight Pearl Weave fabric
  • Printed design using high print- sublimation for maximum durability
  • Extra reinforced and double stitched to support all the pressure of competition and hard training

Pants Details

  • Reinforced stitching on key stress points
  • Made of high quality cotton and polyester


  • Machine wash cold
  • Hang dry
  • Do not iron or dry clean


When I first received the package the guys at BRAUS my first thought was, “They forgot to send me the gi” because it was simply just too light to contain a gi. I was wrong. (You might want to note this down because I am very rarely wrong, don’t ask my wife). When I open the package I was pleasantly surprise to see there was in fact a gi in the package after all. When I removed this bundle of joy from it packaging I could help but notice how white it actually was, given other white gis I have reviewed aren’t always as white as the display images on their websites. This was a white as white can be.

When I unfolded the gi the first thing I notice was the BRAUS logo and the embroidery was spot on. The logo being the infinity sign obviously suits the brands belief that the journey of a Martial artist is not one that should ever end. There was also a small Australian flag on the right arm, which to a patriotic guy like me earned it more points.

I was curious as to the actual weight of the gi and although it states on their website (found below) 1.2kg, the scales I used had it sitting at 1kg. Bingo, less weight to cut, another win. As with all of my gis, it was off to the laundry for a wash prior to its first use. I washed it in cold water and line dried, no shrinkage was noticed. It was great that due to its light weight construction, it was dry in no time.


The first thing I noticed when putting on the gi was how much lighter it was then any of my other “light weight” gis I have worn in the past, it was seriously light. Almost like training in no gi at all.

My first night training in this gi was a relatively hot night in Perth and to be honest I didn’t notice it as much as I usually would of as the gi breathed really well, and I managed to remain cool during a solid session of punishment via the higher belts.

Rolling in this gi initially I was worried that once someone had got their grips that maybe they would pull a sleeve off, I rolled with Dave one of our big Black Belts who also does a lot of power lifting and has the grip strength of a silverback gorilla (seriously when he gets his grips on you the only way you can strip them is if he lets you). Needless to say the sleeve remained intact.


With the washing of the gi I always wash in cold water and line dry. I did and have done this each and every wash and it still fits as well as it did on day 1.



  1. The lightweight construction.
  2. Customer service you receive will be amazing. Alex and his team at BRAUS have worked supremely hard to build a strong, reputable, Australian Brand and that shows every time you speak with them. Not to mention the support they give back to the Australian BJJ scene is second to none.
  3. Hasn’t shrunk when washed correctly.
  4. Shipping times are relatively quick from Australia to the USA with your product arriving within 4 to 5 business days. 


  1. Not a thing. 



Over all this gi is a high quality gi. From a price perspective the Pro Light gi is in the price range of other premium lightweight gis coming in at $129.95 USD. If you decide to go with what you will get is a lightweight durable gi that should last you a long time. I have been training in this consistently for 6 months up in the Western Australian outback and it still comes up brilliant after a hard roll and a wash. The understated design of this gi looks great and leaves plenty of room to customize your gi to meet your needs.

Overall I award the BRAUS Pro Light gi 5 out of 5.

If you would like to take a look at the other gear BRAUS have to offer why not head over to and take a look at the extensive range of gear that they have to offer. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook here BRAUS Fight

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