BJJ Legends Grappler Spotlight: Johnny Morgan

Everyone’s journey in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is designed with a purpose. Grappling in search for an answer the pursuit is one of deep personal meaning. It absorbs us, free us, inspire us, and challenge us as there is truly a sense of joy and reason in our cause. Down the long road hard times are a dead given as the setbacks make our plans fall out of place. Luckily with  faith and perseverance there is always a way of getting back on course. Hard times haven’t broken Checkmat Brown Belt Johnny Morgan as those memories have become a reflection of a man built for a destined path as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. Hitting a stumbling block in his early 20’s life seemed to have an unclear motive for Morgan. This uncertainly wouldn’t last long as a developing passion for MMA and BJJ found its way into his life. Morgan instantly became immersed in the sport.


“I used to watch MMA all the time,” he said. “Naturally, my favorite fighters were always wrestlers and ground guys. When the opportunity arose to train at a gym, I took it. The second I stepped onto those mats I knew I found my place.”Now a full fledge fight practitioner Morgan’s new found work illustrated a profound impact living through Martial Arts. With dedication success follows something Morgan became accustomed to showcased with an undefeated 3-0 MMA record and an unblemished winning streak in every grappling tournament he ever entered. There was no dream to big that he could achieve and challenge to great to overcome as the rising star began to make big moves in his career leading to a big break unto the UFC staple show The Ultimate Fighter.  This blossoming career would later put an abrupt standstill as a sad tragedy would befall upon Morgan’s life with the untimely death of his mother from cancer.


“While I was living in the fight house my mom called to tell me she was terminally ill from cancer and she didn’t have much time left to live. During that time my mom went from being unsupportive of my fighting, to becoming my biggest fan.”


“Eventually she slipped into a coma. I remember telling my mom I would be okay and that I was going to be successful and become a champion. She knew she didn’t have to worry about me anymore. 10 minutes after I talked to her, she passed away. I was only 24 years old at the time, and this was the hardest thing I ever had to deal with. It was very overwhelming, and I lacked support and guidance having grown up with no father. I lost all sense of direction when I lost her.”


Pain in life hurts beyond measures. However like any bad situation we encounter, the best way out of a problem is to go through it. Many events would unfold which would not only reignite Morgan’s passion for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu but also a new found life off the mat. “I finally started to get my life pieced-back together. I got a dog that showed me I had to live for something else. I also met my now fiancé, Maja, who is very hard working, and she motivated me to do more with my life. About a year into our relationship I looked at myself one day, being out of shape, and unfulfilled I knew I had to go back to doing what I loved.”


Finding stability in his personal life it was now time for Morgan to rededicate himself to his BJJ goals. Evolving as a person this disciplined athlete refused to waste any more time as he sought to make the best out of his life. Since his return in 2013 under Team CheckMat, Johnny Morgan has recaptured success competing and placing high level local and international tournaments while also gaining valuable lessons in his evolution as a fighter.


“All this comes with a lot of pain and suffering. I don’t make excuses, I work through injuries, I try to diet healthier, and most importantly I refuse to waste any more time than I already have, “ Morgan proclaimed. “Through the highs and lows I have medaled at Pan-Ams, lost at Dream, won at Grapplers Quest, won at NAGA, lost at EBI, become a No-Gi World Champion, and even proposed to my fiancé on the podium at American Nationals.”

Passionate and Skilled with a wealth of knowledge why not share it with other curious minds. Teaching classes at American Boxing Gym the Checkmate representative works endlessly fully dedicating himself to helping the students. Enlisted with this great responsibility you will find Morgan not only teaching world class grappling techniques but also aiding student to become better in life off the mat. Just as his focus as a competitor his endeavors as an instructor is no different as he is focused on becoming a great coach to anyone that trains under his wing.

“From personal experience, I have learned how much a coach can build you up, and I also know how badly a coach can break you down. I have realized through coaching that you’re not just teaching Jiu- Jitsu. Sometimes you are a therapist, a friend, a nutritionist, a father, or a mother. You take on many roles as a coach, so I approach this responsibility with a lot of love, humor, compassion and discipline.”

What good is a journey without something to challenge you? Bending but never breaking it was never an easy road for Johnny Morgan. His will to bulldoze through tough trials showcases the results of what happens when one believes in themselves and never give up. With all of the upcoming tournaments, MMA fights and people that need him he still has a lot to offer to the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. To no surprise this is one obligation Morgan will stay committed to because time can’t be wasted in this one life time for achieving greatness.

Johnny Morgan Special Thanks: Special thanks to my students who have always supported me and believed in me. I want to thank my CheckMat team and my Coach Robynho. Thanks to my sponsor, Conca Fight Gear. Big thanks to Jose De Jesus Gutierrez .Thanks also goes out to Scott Brengal, Brian Hood, Michael Harms and the Milosevic Family. I want to thank my fiancé for being my rock. I want to thank my mom Judy Geraci and grandfather Joe Geraci who were always there for me.

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