New BJJ Diet on the Horizon

New BJJ Diet on the Horizon

New BJJ Diet that was designed by Grapplers for Grapplers. Get your Grip on the Right Foods and Stand on the Podium with us.

Out with the old & in with the New BJJ Diet
For years, BJJ practitioners have been trying to find the perfect ratio of macronutrients and best caloric intake to optimize their performance and increase podium wins.  Now, there is a new solution to this continued problem on the horizon.  Grapplers Diet is the new BJJ Diet geared towards athletes, competitors, and practitioners.  By using technology, video chat & apps, the Coaches and Nutritionists at Grapplers Diet have the ability to improve a BJJ athlete’s diet and conditioning from anywhere on the planet.  Grapplers Diet is the only BJJ Diet program that has a Registered Dietitian on staff who oversees all nutritional coaching and client coaching.

“Being an athlete is no easy task. You absolutely need a team of professionals to help you with a balanced diet and proper physical conditioning. I am lucky I have such top quality professionals by my side 24/7 taking care of this for me. Grappler’s Diet and I have a partnership of champions! “ – Vitor Paschoal – Black Belt


Sharpen Your Edge with Grapplers Diet Coaching
Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts are looking for that edge on both the training and competition mats.  At Grapplers Diet, we believe that the only successful diet is the one that you consistently buy at your local grocery store.  Grapplers Diet is a no-gimmick, no-fad diet plan company that promotes healthy food choices and improving one’s lifestyle through proper nutrition. If you are looking to enhance your BJJ game, become a beast on the mats, and stand on the podium then look into Grapplers Diet.
“Grappler’s Diet isn’t just about nutrition or exercise: it’s about making you the best athlete, in the most efficient manner. The speed and detail with which Grapplers Diet replies to my questions about certain exercises or diet changes is out of this world.” – Evan Flores – Blue Belt

A BJJ Diet that Works
Grapplers Diet was created by Jim Fiore who is a purple belt under Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belt Jean Dalua Cartagena.  Prior to launching the program, Fiore wanted to make sure that it worked.  Using himself as a test subject, he dropped 28 pounds in 2.5 months while improving his cardio, strength, speed, and quickness without losing lean muscle.  The program is already operational and enrolling clients, and the website will be complete in August 2014.  The team at Grapplers Diet understands the demands of being a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and believes that getting your “Grip on the Right Foods” will increase performance, enhance your Jiu-Jitsu, and improve quality of life.  

“Grapplers Diet has helped me shed unwanted pounds and improve my overall health by providing proper dietary solutions and consistent guidance. Grapplers Diet was founded by grapplers, for grapplers, and they understand the dietary needs and physical requirements necessary to train and compete at the highest levels of the sport.” – David Blevins – Brown Belt


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