In the Blue Corner: a book by Jerome Gage

Follow a man’s unlikely story of how he came from a small Nebraskan town of 200 people to becoming a cornerman in the most distinguished Mixed Martial Arts promotion in the world.

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A Lesser Told Story of Mixed Martial Arts
In the Blue Corner: by Jerome Gage

Tucson, AZ-­‐2014 – Mixed Martials Arts (MMA) is emerging into a mainstream sport. As it grows more recognizable so do many of the stars. There are copious amounts of television shows,  books, magazines, and radio shows highlighting the biggest players in the game. They constantly showcase the lifestyle and training of these fighters, who receive large sponsorships, fight out of renowned gyms, and make the big time money. However, for every one fighter, trainer, or promoter in the limelight there are thousands in the sport who do it solely for the love. Some of these people are promoters, fighters’ wives, gym owners, teammates, and trainers, all of which have their own story of their roles in the sport.

In the Blue Corner is a unique glimpse into one of the lesser told stories behind MMA and  the fight  lifestyle. It’s a narrative of how a hobbiest in the sport found himself cornering his friend in MMA. This book recounts the story of the cornerman while discussing training camps, scouting opponents, dealing with loss, overcoming injuries, the importance of good teammates, and the attitude behind the winning mindset.

About the Author: Jerome Gage is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt, a grappling instructor at Boxing Inc. East in Tucson, Arizona, and the owner of an internet company called Fight Log Media, For more information contact Jerome at In the Blue Corner is available on Amazon in paperback and ebook.

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