Kimura BJJ Boston Belt Promotion

Congrats Kimura BJJ. 42 belts handed out at their last belt promotion ceromony. Nice picture from our inbox. Thanks for sending.

On Saturday, March 8th Kimura BJJ held another amazing belt promotion. It was a fantastic day for Kimura BJJ with over 150 people in attendance. 130 students were promoted in total including 42 belts- Blue, Purple, Brown and newly minted Black Belts Bruno Braz and Alex Vicente. While the school continues to grow and thrive, the sense of unity, camaraderie, and family has never been stronger. The unique bond that all Kimura students share was evident throughout the ceremony. We want to thank everyone who made this belt promotion a huge success and all Kimurense throughout the world who have contributed to making Kimura BJJ the best Brazilian Jiu-Jistu school around! After more than 10 years since its founding in the U.S. our school has never been stronger and we look forward to the continued growth and success of our students for many more years to come.

Jean Kleber founder and head instructor of Kimura BJJ Boston USA.

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