No More Ties!  (A Gift Guide for the BJJ Dad)

No More Ties! (A Gift Guide for the BJJ Dad)

Father’s Day is fast approaching and if your family is like mine they’ll need some ideas for gifts that you’ll love (and actually use).  It’s fairly easy to find a Tap Out shirt.  They’re pretty much anywhere but finding gifts that you can wear in public without having a random person coming up to you asking, “Bro, you train UFC?” is a little more challenging.  There are even a few ideas for Dad to use while training.


Everyone needs tees and the following brands offer quality products that you can actually wear in public without embarrassing the kids.  I’ve purchased tees from each of these companies and have been happy with the quality and design options.

Moya has about half a dozen shirts designs as well as hats, gis, rashguards and other products.

moya sapphire kola                    moya shaka reppin

OSS is a small company that started out with just tees and has expanded into kimonos and a few other products.  With almost two dozen shirt options you should be able to find something that he’ll like and you’re OK with him wearing in public.

oss wave                 oss koi

Meerkatsu has finally opened up his own shop.  The tees range from subtle to over-the-top but one constant is the talent of the artist.  You’ll also find his designs featured in numerous other manufacturers.  The Tap Cancer Out shirt can be found HERE.

meerkatsu heavenly lions                   tap cancer out

Buy them for him.  He may be too embarrassed to get them himself but once he uses them he’ll thank you for it.  Don’t let the pictures scare you most people wear them under shorts and/or gi pants.  However you wear them once you go spats you won’t go back.

Origin’s spats were reviewed here a few months ago and continue to perform well.

origin spats

Scramble makes a lot of really cool gear and is consistently considered to be on the leading edge of design within the BJJ community.  Be sure to check out their US store as well.  The also have some really cool grappling shorts.

scramble spats                scramble shorts

Custom Gi
The ultimate gift.  This can take some legwork but the end product will be something that is uniquely his and a gift that has that personal touch.  The custom gi allows you to change everything including: color scheme, cut (including wingspan), custom embroidery (team logos and such) and more.  There’s even an option for a custom belt.

killer bee custom 

Killer Bee has made strong forays into the custom gi market recently and has many pricing options to fit your budget.  For a review of Killer Bee’s kimonos go here and here.

There you have it, a couple dozen gift options with a broad range of prices.  For full reviews and more gift ideas be sure to check out the ~70 articles that we’ve written on:  Kimonos, DVDs and no-gi gear.

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