The Transferable Lifeworks of Ryan Beauregard

In essence Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial arts system that contains a vast supply of knowledge for a practitioner to learn from. Its influence is unparalleled as the lessons acquired during one’s time on the mat are directly transferable to life outside the dojo and competition arena.

Correlating two very diverse professions Ryan Beauregard’s personas as a BJJ martial artist and EMT has created a unique transferable lifestyle that’s provided major assistance in both career sectors.

Like so many individuals have testified without question, “Jiu-jitsu Changes Lives” and Beauregard’s involvement in it is no exception. Starting his training in 2005, Ryan Beauregard was just another figure making his rise through the competition scene while also using BJJ as a vehicle in his personal growth. The journey to betterment would reach a major pinnacle in 2008 as Beauregard’s years of dedication would allow him to reach a feat unheard of for an American jiu-jitsu practitioner during that time period by winning the BJJ World Championship as a brown belt.

Beauregard would continue to flourish, obtaining his black belt in 2010 from long time instructor Demetrius Ramos going on later to build his own legion of grapplers with the running of his own academy Team Beauregard Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. To say the least Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has made a profound impact on Ryan’s life.


“Back in 2005 when I put the gi on for the first time at Tucson Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and met Demetrius Ramos, I had no clue what I was about to gain! From day one Jiu-Jitsu surrounded me with amazing people from all walks of life. You start to develop this family like atmosphere with these people who all share the same positive mind set as you.”

Around the same time frame he started training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Beauregard was also making the conversion into another career field off the mat in his new found employment as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Working full time as an EMT in the Phoenix area, Beauregard’s profession exposes him to many strenuous and stressful scenarios some of which involve life or death situations and dealing with patients who are suffering.  

Nevertheless like the challenges he has faced over the years in the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu world, Beauregard has been able to contend with these tough tasks at maximum proficiency as oppose to some of his fellow co-workers whom struggle with the daily workload.

“Working as an EMT I’m exposed to a lot of situations most people couldn’t even imagine, and this is on a day-to-day basis. This EMT Profession and the 24-hour shifts that go along with it have the potential to cause high levels of stress, “ Ryan told BJJ Legends. “Unfortunately I see a lot of my co-workers unable to find constructive ways to deal with this stress. I find that training and competing in Jiu-Jitsu full time helps me escape from this extra stress.”

Where one world centers on fighting people and the other focuses on helping people, Beauregard’s case presents two conflicting job responsibilities. However although unrelated, Beauregard has been able to use his skills in each career to formulate solutions for each other in many of the circumstances he encounters on a daily basis.

Continual education, efficient communication skills, adapting to various hazardous conditions, and being self-motivated are some of the major requirements necessary to becoming a great EMT and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner. Beauregard’s lifework endeavors have always strived in doing just that due to his clear thinking and goal to make a positive difference in patient’s lives during their trying times and in his own development in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

“You have to train and compete with a clear mind, when you find yourself distracted that’s when you fall behind or even get hurt,” he said.  “As in emergencies medicine you also need to think quick and think clearly or people’s lives are at risk.”

Ryan’s attitude and approach as an Emergency Medical Technician evidently found its way on to the mats at the Team Beauregard Brazilian Jiu-jitsu academy. The knowledge Beauregard possesses as an EMT along with his years of grappling experience has aided in establishing a structured, positive, and safe learning environment at his academy for anyone from children to even fellow EMT/Paramedics to train at.

“I feel as though my students and my team have a sense of comfort knowing I can deal with extreme situations. Our staff here has gone as far as now requiring all Instructors to be at least CPR certified. We all agree, students and their family’s trust us that we aren’t only going to help guide them but they trust us to protect them too.”

Admiration and dedication to exceling in a favorite craft can be very beneficial for one’s life. Whether it is competing for that gold medal, tending to the wounded, or mentoring a martial arts student Beauregard’s ability to adapt to any environment has equally transferred to success in both worlds in his professions. As always challenges are bound to spring up at any given moment but for Ryan Beauregard it is something he embraces which has contributed to the man he is today.

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