NOGI Industries Rash Guard and Shorts

NOGI Industries Rash Guard and Shorts

It is that time of year where some of you will either have broken your New Year’s resolution or your pushing forward with your goal.  Either way what better way to start the year than getting yourself some new gear.  We all know that great looking gear makes your game at least 1% better.  At the end of the day there is only two options; you either win, or you learn so why not do it in style.

NOGI Industries is a brand that has been making quality grappling gear since 2003.  They pride themselves in making quality gear for people that train, by people that train.  In this review we will first be discussing the NOGI Industries Volt 2.0 Gray Trunks and NOGI Industries Long Sleeve Jet Rash Guard.  

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The NOGI Industries Volt 2.0 gray shorts are made of 100% polyester and come with a four way stretch crotch that makes them super tough (In the pictures above you can see the crotch section from thigh to thigh is black and is stretch fabric), color accented piping, embroidered logos throughout and a pretty sick PVC logo on the waist strap.  The material is light and airy and made with 100% polyester for increased durability.  They are available in waist sizes 28 all the way thru 42.  The logos on the front and back are embroidered and give the shorts a sense of style without being over done.


nogi4The short sizes run true to your actual waist size.  They are fastened with a drawstring and Velcro strap to hold it all together.  There is no elastic waistband on these shorts but they do have some stretch to the fabric just in case you drink too much water.  The waist had a draw string and PVC logo Velcro strap that keeps the shorts where they should be.  It is important to note that these shorts do not have a slit or split in the thigh area.  The reason I bring this up is because these are grappling shorts and not MMA shorts.  The lack of a slit or split on the outside thigh region on some shorts restricts your movement with your trying to do any kind of kicks.  I did not find the lack of a slit on the shorts to restrict any of my movement.   The inside thigh area of the shorts has that four way stretch fabric which allows for great movement and breathability.
Along with a great pair of shorts you can also get yourself a matching NOGI Industries long sleeve jet rash guard in carbon.  With all this cold weather there’s nothing better than a nice long sleeve rash guard to keep you warm.  The Jet is the latest addition by NOGI Industries .  The rash guard has a super long torso to prevent “riding up” when training, triple reinforced stitching throughout and all art work is fully sublimated which means you will never have to worry about fading, cracking or peeling.  The NOGI Industries long sleeve jet rash guard also carries antimicrobial technology that inhibits bacteria grown and is proudly made in the USA.

There are various sizes to fit your specific needs.  For reference I’m about 5’9”, 175 lbs and went with a large and it fits great.  One great feature that I like about this rash guard is its collar.  It does not ride up on any side of your neck which helps prevent chaffing.  I get enough burn from the lapel of my gi so not having to worry about the rash guard chaffing my neck is a plus.

nogi6nogi7This rash guard is made from 100% polyester and fits according to the sizing charge  I always wear rash guards whether I’m  training in a gi or nogi.  The quality, durability and function of this rash guard is second to none. 

NOGI Industries has plenty of great gear.  If you compete or train in nogi they have products that will satisfy your mat needs.  Along with just a black rash guard and grey shorts they also manufacture IBJJF ranked approved gear. 

If you are looking to get yourself some NOGI Industries gear or just see what they have available head over to our good friends website at and feast your eyes on endless possibilities of goodies.

Volt 2.0 Fight Shorts by NOGI Industries available at  BudoVideos product #32841
Long Sleeve Jet Rashgaurd – Carbon by NOGI Industries available at BudoVideos product #34562

Train Hard, Train Smart !

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