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Editors Note: BJJ Schools can be hard to find, we like it when we see the art spread across the nation and internationlly.  We feature new schools opening to help BJJ practicioners find schools when they relocate, or just want to know more. We like this school for the diveristy of BJJ, background of instructors and location.  Enjoy, connect and check them out.

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Kimura BJJ under the watchful eye of Master Jean Kleber opened a new school in Tweaksbury, MA. The instructors, Bill Duffy and Fabiano, are experienced BJJ practicioners under Master Kleber. Bill is a Certified Defensive Tactics instructor in both MA and NH and a 20-year veteran of the police force. He has trained with Jean since 2004 and is a life-long martial arts practitioner and competitor. Fabiano has more than eight years of BJJ experience and has won competitions in both Brazil and the United States. Both instructors have also won regional and national gi and no-gi competitions.

We interview Bill Duffy about training, the new school and how a 51 year old can still be active in BJJ:

Can you tell me when did you start training brazilian jiu jitsu and what brought you to the art?

In 2002 I decided to compete in a Gi grappling match even though I had never trained with a Gi.  I won the beginner division.  So I though “this is easy” I entered the advance division.  I made it to the championship match.  In overtime I was caught  in a “bicep crush”  and got my arm broken!!!!  That’s when I said “damm I have to learn how to fight with a Gi”… the next week I started training BJJ…

As you start training and getting more envolved, what kind of obstacles you had faced to continue on the path? can you give me a couple examples?

The obstacles I have faced while training in BJJ have been few but big.  1st finding the time to train while having a job and family and three kids involved in many activities has not always been easy.  Also the distance I travel to train at my school (Kimura BJJ) is 104 miles round trip.  Last but not least has been working around injuries.  However, because of my love of the art I have been able to overcome them all and continue to train and learn…

In 2005 you`ve been at the gracie cruise and had the privilege to meet and learn from grand master Helio Gracie.what was the best thing that you learn from that experience?

The 2005 Gracie cruise was a great time.  The thing that I remember the most was how amazed I was on how Helio 93 at that time moved on the mat.  I’ll never forget thinking “wow, I hope I can still move like that when I’m that age”….

You recently open you new school which is Kimura BJJ Tewksbury. Who was the idea and how do you want to grow in that community?

I have always wanted to be involved in teaching BJJ.  When I was offered the chance to became involved with my friend Fabiano in bringing KIMURA BJJ to Tewksbury / Lowell Mass I jumped at the chance.  It is our hope that we can attract as many people as possible to learn the art and its benefits.

As a instructor, how do you like to develop your classes and wich public you are traying to achieve?

As an instructor I believe the the best way to learn BJJ is in steps.  As such when teaching students that are new I start at the beginning.  I explain the history, the positions etc… then each class week after week month after month we will build.  I am a true believer in the BASICS if you do not learn them, drill them, understand them you will not grow in the art.  I also believe the same is true for advance students.  I agree its cool and fun to learn a new sweep, takedown or submission and learning them is important for thier growth and the art   However, if you don’t have a solid foundation in the basics everything falls apart 

Knowing that now you are very busy developing your new school, do you still think in compete or you want to focus more in the teaching aspect? Why?

Over the last 10 plus years I have competed in and won or placed in many tournaments both with and without a gi.   I still love to compete and always will.  However competing is no longer my main focus it teaching.  As I have grown in the art I want to share with others what I have learned and hopefully make their Jiu Jitsu a little better.  I believe the goal of every teacher is or should be to make their students better then there are.  I do believe having been a active competior  has greatly improved my ability as an instructor.  The knowledge I gained from competing has helped me understand Jiu jitsu and the techquies even better.    Which I hope to pass on to my students.

At 51 years old, what do you do to make sure you are healthy to train every day ? Is any special diet ?

So you want to know the secret how at 51 I stay healthy to train everyday.  Lots of advil and ice packs……..

What message do you wanna leave for the BJJ community and for the people especially the baby boomers who want to start training?

The message I would like to send to the BJJ community to include the young and old.  Stay active.  Do something physical everyday be it BJJ, running, lifting, walking join a gym anything.  Be good to your mind and body you were only given one of each.  For you baby boomers its never to late to learn.  Its a great way to get in shape.  There are all levels you can train at you can do it with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or as a family  I will promises you one thing you will LOVE IT..

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Class Schedule:

Open 6-days a week. Contact Kimura BJJ–Tewksbury for exact days and times for gi and no-gi classes.

Contact Information:

Kimura BJJ – Tewksbury

910 Andover Street
Tewksbury, MA


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    Great article, i live Nashua NH after reading this I am going to check this school out. The instuctor (bill) seems very knowleable and I liked how he discribed is way of teaching..

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