Abu Dhabi – ADCC – Israeli Team Update

Abu Dhabi – ADCC – Israeli Team Update

From Around the Globe we bring you Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling stories of interest.  These stories are meant to open your hearts and minds to the world of Jiu-Jitsu and grappling.  Their stories are just as important and pertinent as those in your local area.  Today, the ADCC trials from Israel.

ADCC- Abu Dhabi Trials – Israel

by Haim Gozali

The 2008 ADCC Israeli Trials was a huge success full of action with 100
competitors. Israel’s submission community

2008 ADCC Israeli Trials

2008 ADCC Israeli Trials

showed it is driving full
force ahead with the impressive turnout and the events professionalism,
holding true to the ADCC submission legacy. took place on December 20.
Organized by Renzo Gracie black belt Haim Gozali, six grapplers will
travel to the European ADCC trials on January 3rd.

action, with many exciting matches, the Israeli trials have proved that
Israel will be a strong foothold for the…
(View photos from the event)

…ADCC submission wrestling
championships in the years to come.

Special thanks to Haim
Gozali for his outmost professionalism in organizing the event, truly
to the quality that ADCC has held in the years past.

Israel is looking forward to the ADCC European trials, full steam ahead!

The Israeli team:

1 Vitally Kraversky -65.9kg

2 alon cohen -65.9kg

3 Shane H Goz -76kg

4 Kfir Eittan -87.9kg

5 Mike Khardas -87.9kg

6 Ilan Torjeman -98.9kg

7 Amit Ofir +99kg

8 Eimy Berenhimer +55kg


Brazilian jiu-jitsu and submission grappling has been in Israel since 1995 and I was the first one in Israel to start bjj. 
In 1995 I arrived to NYC and studied under Renzo Gracie the best man and teacher in the world. In 2005 I competed in ADCC and since then I am trying to bring ADCC to Israel and it is all sport no politics.

There is a couple of jiu jitsu schools in Israel,  the renzo Gracie schools and royler Gracie, royce Gracie and Gracie barra. 
There is a MMA channel in cable TV so the sport is developing and we do a lot of events.

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